Jordan - Mulhem

DEVCO EIP - Jordan "Mulhem"
Client: Devco
Agency: Particip Germany
Director: Didier Malchaire

Mulhem is a Syrian refugee and shop-owner in Al-Ramtha, Jordan.
He wanted to expand his business, but didn’t have enough money to do so. 
That’s where the EU External Investment Plan came in.
It’s a €4.5 billion initiative to attract €44 billion in new investment in countries near the EU and in Africa by 2020.
And it’s allowing entrepreneurs like Mulhem to take out business loans that local banks wouldn’t have provided otherwise.

With only 2 days of shooting in Amman and in Al Ramtha at the Syrian border, we were again on a tight schedule.
Add to that the challenge of communicating and interviewing Mulhem who only spoke Arabic and you will understand how important it was to be able to rely upon the excellent support of the local representatives of the European Commission, who did an excellent job in helping us get what we needed. Thanks !