Madagascar - Jeannette

DEVCO EIP - Madagascar "Jeannette"
Client: Devco
Agency: Particip Germany
Director: Didier Malchaire

Jeannette is a farm owner in Madagascar.
Even though she had been a farmer since the age of 19, she had never had an official certificate confirming that she owned her land.
So she couldn’t use it as collateral to borrow from a bank and expand or diversify.
But then the EU worked with the government of Madagascar to give farmers official certificates confirming that they owned their land.
The €4.5 billion EU External Investment Plan is supporting many more reforms like this one in countries near the EU and in Africa.
The aim is to make it easier to secure investment and do business, and to bring in €44 billion in new investment by 2020.

A big challenge for this film was to fit all the different locations into 3 days of shooting, knowing that Antanarivo and the province of Fihaonana are at more than 70 km from the capital and only accessible by mountain roads.
Another problem to overcome was to interview and communicate with Janette, who only spoke a specific Malagese dialect, but with our local support was great and helped us get what we needed. Great job.