RAUL CASTRO - The Last Revolutionary

Trailer of 52 min documentary co-produced by Aviva Films Paris and MiB * Made in Brussels.

The portrait of the man who stayed most of his life hidden in the shadow of his brother Fidel, but who was running Cuba much more than what is publicly known. 
Even now, with his announced retirement, he will continue to keep an eye on Cuba's future.

Legend has long wanted Raul Castro to only be the shadow of his brother Fidel.
When the agents of the KGB and the CIA look at his case, it is clear that for more than half a century the last Castro has always known how to be indispensable to the Cuban revolution. 
“The Last Revolutionary" unveils this shadowy man who survived the cold war and the implosion of the USSR and who plans to leave power in early 2018.

Over time and with all the cunning that the exercise of power generates, Fidel and Raul developed a double act, which bewildered quite a few.
The more successful the act became, the more people wanted to know how it worked behind the scenes and in particular, what made Raul Castro tick.

And who better than men in the shadows to tell us in their turn about this man in the shadows ?
This is why the film connects with the world of espionage via the testimony of Nikolai Leonov, biographer and personal friend of Raul Castro but above all the head of the KGB in La Havana from the earliest days of Castro’s regime and his American counterpart Brian Latell, who is also his biographer and who played a similar role in the opposing camp, the CIA.

KGB versus CIA, here is another double act that orchestrated the history of the Cold War and that of Cuba.

These valuable testimonies are now in the can.
They are enriched by testimonies from other prominent people and with exclusive material from numerous archives to which we have been granted special access.

“The Last Revolutionary”, by focusing the spotlight on the less well known of the two brothers, highlights the one who attracts less attention but who has been indispensable to the survival of the revolution from the start.

Some biographies cover his life but no film has done that to date.