Tanzania - Milembe

DEVCO EIP - Tanzania "Milembe"
Client: Devco
Agency: Particip Germany
Director: Didier Malchaire

Milembe is a 19 year-old student from Tanzania.
She wasn’t aware of the importance of saving for her future – or how to go about it.
That’s where the EU External Investment Plan came in. 
It’s a €4.5 billion initiative to attract €44 billion in new investment in countries near the EU and in Africa by 2020. 
And it’s supporting programmes like the one Milembe followed.
These give young women in particular the skills to take charge of their finances – and build a better future for themselves.

For this film we had to fit all the locations into two days of shooting in the surroundings of Dar es Salaam, from Milembe’s house, to her former school and the NMB’s headquarters.
It was quite a rush, but thanks to a very precise organisation, we were able to get all the footage we needed and are very happy with the result.